Marcia left... :-(((

Marcia left Montreal at the end of March...These idiots did not extend her working visa...Really stupid idiots !!! I miss her very much and I so often would want her back to go for a brunch with her or for a coffee after work, talking, laughing...I knew that this would happen here, getting attached to people and watch them leave again but I did not think that it would be that hard...But I'm very grateful for every minute that we had together, I enjoyed her company very much, talking with her for hours, laughing with her about têtes à claques or Asterix...The weekend before she left we went together to Ottawa. It was a very nice trip, Marcia went to the concert of Arcade Fire, we had a nice room in an apartment over airbnb and a nice car, a Jeep :-) Ottawa is nice, very british at the Parliament Hill, very us-american at the rest which we both did not like that much. After that we knew again why we came to Montreal :-) So now everything is different, takes a while to get used to these different circumstances...So, below some photos of our trip to Ottawa and the good bye at the airport. *sob*.... :-((

14.4.14 04:06


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